Darrell Simms invites us to take a stroll with him down “Wilcox Ave” | @iamdsimms |


Darrell Simms is ringing out the New Year in musically fashion with the debut of his six track sophomore release, “Wilcox Ave” –

“Wilcox Ave” delivers Darrell’s unapologetic style that evolved from poetry and eclectic musical influences. Relentless flow and smart lyrics combine with energetic beats to form a standout listening experience. Darrell worked with some amazing producers and artists to bring “Wilcox Ave” to life including Gaston Jeanty, Axrl, and River Cruz. The EP also includes a collaboration with fellow artists Calogeno & Mike Marty, who joined Darrell on the track, “Brown”.

“Wilcox Ave” is an EP following up the main single “Elements.” The music video for “Elements” was expertly directed by Ralph Lucchese & Bj Jensen. Iconic LA locations are the backdrop for the video. Dynamic camera work moves with the beats in the track, creating a forward and building momentum. Bursting with energy and excitement, “Elements” and Darrell are happy to have viewers along for the ride.

class=”empty-block”>”Wilcox Ave” is the second official project release from Simms. In 2015 he released his first EP, “BoiTroy EP,” under the moniker BoiTroy. His first mixtape, “The First Blink” showcased the wide range of musical styles Darrell is fluent in and has been inspired by, including acoustic, indie pop and hip-hop. If you didn’t take a listen to “The First Blink” then “you should be aware of this one,” says Darrell of his new project. The “Elements” music video will be released December 30th on Darrell’s Youtube page. The “Wilcox Ave” EP will be released December 31st and will be available on Darrell’s Soundcloud page.