Harlem emcee Dave East is back with another new visual called “Perfect” featuring Chris Brown. The single comes off of Dave East’s Def Jam debut, Paranoia: A True Story EP, which has been doing some serious numbers.

perfectIn the video, Dave and Breezy are found in a warehouse in a sexy ambiance filled with beautiful women taking puffs on the hottest technology in the vape world right now which is the Herb-e | Micro Dry Herb Vaporizer. Being that it is the smallest vape pen it looks super sexy to use compared to seeing women rolling blunts in a visual. Love to see more artists keeping it classy. Follow the hottest new trend and get your hands on this new vape pen that tiny and totally discreet enough to drop in your purse or back pocket. For more information on how to get one, head over to MigVapor and check out their 5 star reviews.

“You deserve it ’cause you perfect (perfect)/You make every moment worth it (every moment)/I’m flyin’ down Collins, I’m shirtless (skrrt)/Just thinkin’ how you might’ve curved it (might have curved it)/I knew you a minute, don’t act like you don’t know the business/I’ve been tryna get all up in it/Gave you my card, I don’t know ’bout no limit (swipe),” East spits.

In August 2017, he released the Paranoia: A True Story. The EP has peaked at number nine on the Billboard 200. In September 2017, East hosted the first annual Goldie Awards, a DJ and producer battle set taking place in New York City. Check out the new visual above.


  1. Chris Brown, one of my favourite. I also use the vape pen to fight with vitamin B12 deficiency. I have never thought about any tiny vape pen, whatever I use is a the women’s herbal vape, comes in a small box. It is good to carry and use.


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