Dempsey Bolton – “Wait For It”

Wait For It is an R&B vibe that discusses sex and intimacy, reminiscent of a Prince track but with a modern, sultry twist.

Wait For It takes a look at navigating intimacy differences in a relationship. I wrote it after reflecting on what I’ve seen in the media regarding sex. Growing up, there was an idea perpetuated in almost every TV show or movie I watched; the idea that sex is a conquest and, even more than that, it’s an all or nothing affair. Wait For It examines this notion and challenges it. In the end, “waiting for it” becomes a celebration as indicated by the punchy beat and dance atmosphere. The song ends with the simple phrase “it’s alright”, signifying a change in mindset and an acceptance that it’s okay to have reservations about intimacy and to have to communicate different expectations with your partner.




As a kid, Dempsey grew up listening to Otis Redding and Stevie Wonder while also taking interest in other areas of expression. Art that attracted his attention was often dark and tragic such as the works of painter Mark Rothko or dystopian writer Philip K. Dick. While sinking his teeth into playing and writing music, Dempsey enrolled in Astrophysics at the University of Alberta. After finishing his degree, instead of setting his sights on the stars he started focusing more on songwriting before eventually deciding to pursue music full time. Dempsey began producing demo tracks in his home studio inspired by the likes of Jack Garratt, James Vickery and Jordan Bratton.

Currently, Dempsey is working with Trey Mills, finishing his debut album Monochrome which deals with themes of love and the media, delving deep into how TV and movies create unrealistic expectations for romantic relationships.


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