“GFY” is but one highlight of Lloyd’s acclaimed new EP, EXIDENT, available now via Arista Records HERE. The visual marks the latest installment of a remarkable true narrative begun on Lloyd’s global breakthrough, “Nevermind,” and then continued on the recently released smash, “Never Go Back,” which can be viewed now HERE. “GFY” directed by Omri Rozenblum, continues the narrative of the “Never Go Back” visuals, picking up following the dissolution of Dennis’ tumultuous relationship with his ex-girlfriend. The video is shot through the unique perspective of the former couple’s pet cat, as the female lead nurses an injured bird back to health, while Dennis prepares to take the stage during his tour across the world. Exploring the contrast between personal versus professional growth, the visuals parallel Dennis’ new life as a successful musician and his ex-girlfriend’s simple life back in Columbia. An inspiring excerpt included in “GFY” from Dr. Gary Lewandowski’s TED Talk, “Break-Ups Don’t Have to Leave You Broken” leaves the viewer contemplating which of Dennis or his Ex are living the more fulfilling life.


“Following the break up with my ex-girlfriend, I was depressed,” Lloyd explains. “I had recorded one song in particular about how I was feeling called ‘GFY’ but felt something was missing with it. Browsing YouTube I came across a TED Talk by Dr. Gary Lewandowski about relationships. I pressed play and I started to cry from what I heard. His words deeply resonated with me and I knew this was the missing piece of the song. Crazy enough, the monologue fit perfectly within the song. Since releasing ‘GFY,’ tons of people are tagging me using this monologue as their Instagram captions, tweets etc. Seems like it’s connecting with others, the same way it did for me.”


EXIDENT earned high praise upon its arrival last month, with Ones To Watch raving, “Born as Nir Tibor in Tel Aviv, Israel, the multi-talented Dennis Lloyd independently wrote, recorded, mixed, and produced every exceptional track off his mind-blowing new EP, EXIDENT. Blending together elements of synth-pop and alternative R&B, EXIDENT sees Lloyd tearing himself apart as he narrates the tragic story of a seemingly everlasting relationship.”


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