Devon Braxton gives his career his absolute everything as told thru “Get A Grip On It” – @devonbraxton

Devon Braxton

Tune into the slap happy bass number of Devon Braxton as he aims to take his dreams of music stardom and make them a reality with the blessings of his family –

New Jersey’s Devon Braxton is an artist with a unique approach to his blend of music. This performer found inspiration in a wide variety of musical legends such as Prince, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. This passion has lead Devon to a diverse and eclectic style that refreshingly defies categories. His music is a concoction of explosive song-writing, insightful lyricism and hooks that won’t get out of your head so easily.

His latest release comes to us in the form of a carefree video for “Get A Grip On It”. The song can be found on his debut EP entitled “Making Moves” and finds Devon being influenced heavily by family to chase his dreams to the finish line. The entertaining segment finds Braxton alongside a young child that first appears to be his brother or son. The character’s shocking true identity however is revealed at the tail end of the video. Summed up, “Get A Grip On It” is a highly inspiring single meant to keep you fueled for your own dream chase. View the video below, via YouTube.


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