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De’Wayne Jackson is an alternative Singer/Rapper from Houston, TX who is blurring lines between rap, alternative and guitar-driven rock. Previous release: “Top Man” Music Video →

2019 De’Wayne is gearing up to release lots of content – the first track we get from him this year is “Let It Bang” produced by UK duo Sons of Sonix (Stormzy, Trey Songz, Exo, Verse Simmonds). The song has feels of Childish Gambino’s “This Is America”… fusing modern, industrial sounds with a soulful beat and an energetic vocal performance that touches on the American social climate.


De’Wayne capped 2018 with over 50 North American tour dates supporting WaterparksSet It OffChase Atlanticand I Don’t Know How But They Found Me.

De’Wayne’s performs with a live band and has a captivating, energetic show.

Top Man on Tour IG Clip #1 →

Top Man on Tour IG Clip #2 →

Top Man on Tour IG Clip #3 →

“It was my first time linking up with the producers S.O.S. from London. Immediately we started talking about religion and politics, the beat we were working on had this hard guitar riff so I just started going in about what I was seeing on the news everyday and how frustrated I was with the current climate. I feel sometimes a past love can make you feel just as mad so I wanted to talk about that in the 2nd verse. It’s a banger filled with my emotions and thoughts.” – De’Wayne


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