Disney has finally announced that the sequel Frozen 2 will be released on 27 November 2019. The original film voice cast, including Kristen Bell (Princess Anna), Idina Menzel (Queen Elsa) and Josh Gad (Olaf the snowman), have confirmed that they will return for the sequel, and Kristen tweeted her excitement as the release date, writing:


And yes this is a super long wait. We were expecting it by 2018. But to hold over fans tired by the long wait for the sequel, a Christmas special starring Olaf is in production for the very end of 2017. Airing on the ABC network in the US, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure will focus on the cheerful snowman, but Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Sven are all set to return. Award-winning animators Kevin Deters and Steven Wermers-Skelton will direct.



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