The second single off of Cuba’s upcoming album, launching September 6th, was recorded in Mexico City and features a talented young Mexican singer named Silvana Estrada.

The new single is a mix of ska, cha cha, and Mambo, and takes a look at the very human problem of polarization and division, and turns it into a festive celebration of difference.

The upcoming seventh studio album for Alex, features six duets with Latin singers and songwriters, including emerging star Silvana Estrada and Cuban legend Omara Portuondo. Engineered by John ‘Beetle” Bailey and recorded in Canada, Mexico, Cuba and Spain – Alex is at the helm of every instrument and has adopted a more minimalistic feel to the overall creative process of music-making.

The excitement of this new journey started when he was on a writing trip to Mexico, and converted a solo, self-produced project into a statement about the value of the song writing craft, leading themes of love, tolerance, climate, and tradition. It was in Mexico City where Alex witnessed the growing movement of Latin pride among young musicians and fans, with a special interest in Latin American folk arts. The combination of young and mature featured artists on the record illustrates the continuity of the canción Latinoamericana, of genres like trova, bolero, son, guajira and the influences that the music has had on the jazz and pop canon.

His naturally retro song writing craft shines on the album, with the choice of acoustic guitar, upright bass and percussion. After six albums that illustrate a development through jazz/pop/rock Alex wanted to capture the mood and experience of the demos he creates when the songs are first written and arranged. In an era of division and difference Alex Cuba and Silvana Estrada write “Dividido (out March 22, 2019)– that as divided as we are, we can still love each other, and that difference is both natural and useful, that even birds migrate and risk everything.  The new single “Yo No Sé” presents the importance of giving yourself the benefit of the doubt and allowing yourself to try anything.


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