DLRN Drops “Just Be Chillin” | @DLRNOfficial |

Sacramento-based rapper/songwriterDLRN is the newest face of California’s vibrant rap scene, and anyone who hears his new single “Just Be Chillin” today will have no doubt he’s here to stay. With his raspy-tinged voice over a Bay Area-inspired slap, “Just Be Chillin” is the perfect entrance for DLRN, a rising star whose energy strikes a perfect balance between carefree and dark.

This single is more than DLRN’s debut label release–it’s also his life philosophy. In the lyrics to this danceable track, DLRN plays the lowkey observer, able to take in all of life’s extremes without letting anything kill his vibe: I’m on some west coast shit, just hanging / Middle fingers up for everybody that be hatin / I’m feelin like the one if you ever seen the Matrix / Turn into Liam Neeson if she tell me that she taken.

But DLRN’s carefree energy didn’t happen instantly. After messing with rap casually at age 21 as an occasional break from street life, he spent yearsdissecting the most popular music he came in contact with to develop his songwriting chops and his sound. Now, after thousands of hours of study plus a mixtape with Odd Future’s Casey Veggies and Kanye West-collaborator Cyhi The Prynce under his belt, he’s 100% ready to drop his debut EP and bring his unique sound to the masses. Listen once to this first release, and you’ll know exactly why he’s so sure. We dare you to not hit repeat!
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