Domani HarrisDomani Harris (T.I.’s Son) Beat the System

Have you ever thought about crashing the whip into a person that was talking that shit? They say like father like son or in this case like father like one of the sons. Domani Harris, (son of rapper T.I) has been on his musical grind since 2016, Dropping visual after visual. Hearing from the flow, his sound kinda reminds me of the great Andre 3 stacks fused with a little bit of the king of the south T.I. Himself. Domani Harris has a refreshing sound that’s not like modern day hip hop today.

“Beat the system” is the name of this song by Domani Harris who shares his storytelling perspective about his views/outlook on society which captivates a deep message in  regards to social injustice. Although that’s not the only topic that this song is based on. listening to this will give you a feeling of that one person in the movies that’s “woke”. Pay attention to Domani Harris as he “beats the system”.


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