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Hip Hop Headquarters sits down with California vocalist Donnie Parker

What made you decide to become a singer?

Girls… well as a passion for it lol, in that order. From a young age I noticed I got more attention from females from singing over anything else, which motivated me to take it more seriously. That was really the foundation, but as time went on my motivation changed from pleasing my peers to actually perfecting my craft which opened up the door to all different types of music. Shit, I even have Smashing Pumpkins in my playlist right now. Eventually it stops being about needing validation from others and starts being more about self-growth and impressing yourself.

What’s the first R&B song you ever heard? Describe the moment.

To be honest Im not really sure what the first R&B song I heard would be. The first music that really had a big impact on me, was probably “In The Mouth Of Madness” by Luni Coleone. I grew up in the Bay Area and Luni was a fixture in Sacramento which had a growing scene with Brother Lynch, X Raided, etc. Their music hit the bay when I was in my middle school years. All I remember is that TREMENDO slump, riding in my friend’s car, hella young, and he was always slappin Luni Coleone.

How did “Bedroom Song” come together? 

I was sitting on this beat that my guy Hella Melody sent me about a week prior and recording demo ideas at a studio in Half Moon Bay. Super vibed out atmosphere by the beach. After recording a couple freestyle takes I edited out what was dope and created the hook. As far as the content, I was thinking about this girl I wanted to bless lol. This is actually a common inspiration point in my process haha.

As an artist who sings and raps, how do you feel rapping and singing each convey different emotions?

I don’t think about it like that specifically when I’m writing. I tend to let the music tell me what the particular part needs. With rapping and singing on a track I feel like you can be soft and aggressive at the same time, spanning the entire spectrum of emotions. The sound can be both beautiful and harsh. Both sophisticated and ignorant. As long as there is a balance.

What are your predictions for 2018, for your career and music in general?

My prediction for my career is for it be exactly where its meant to be. When it comes to predictions, Im too superstitious to start calling out my career’s future lol. I think music will continue to evolve as a whole in the most innovative, groundbreaking, and disruptive ways possible. Mostly disruptive… Much love and respect to for showing their support.


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