This edgy and cinematic visual is a follow up to donSMITH’s recent single release, “G.R.W.M.”. Directed by Marissa “SIRA” Lewis, this visual narrative is a gritty, gang-influenced depiction of betrayal and karma. donSMITH establishes his role as mob boss with this confrontational tune, reclaiming his seat at the head of the table after one of his own sells him out. Through a combination of aggressive and melodic rapping, donSMITH remind his foes why he is not one to be messed with. (in 4k quality)

donSMITH (formerly Darnell Smitherson) began producing hip-hop beats and composing music at the age of 10, eventually growing his passion into writing rhymes and audio engineering in 2014. In his most recent years of artistry, he has released work that have been covered by several blogsonline radio stations/Spotify playlists, and newspaper write-ups, recognizing donSMITH as a worthwhile independent artist, creating “dense, yet clever” music.


Based in Harlem, NYC, donSMITH has been compared to to other NY-influenced rap acts, such as Joey Bada$$, J. Cole, and hip-hop legend, Talib Kweli.

His upcoming releases feature some of his key collaborations with Chuck Strangers of Pro.ERA, Mick Jenkins, & Salomon Faye, a former A$AP affiliate who has been praised by Billboard for his work with the Fayetteville emcee, J. Cole.

As his music career continues to swell, donMSITH has taken the past year to hone in on his growing east coast fanbase, performing frequently throughout New York City. Formerly based in the midwest, the Harlem MC has made his prominent return to NY with Volumes 1 & 2 of his “#whoisdonSMITH” mixtape/EP series, gaining over 40K cumulative streams in the first two weeks of their digital releases. The future shows promise for unique and independent artists like donSMITH.


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