Donte Thomas – “MAGENTA” ft. Caleborate & Scooty | @DONTExTHOMAS |

Donte Thomas has been waiting quite awhile to follow up on his last album Grayscale. He has been taking advantage of the time though – rocking shows around Portland, helping launch the Produce Organics brand and storefront, and releasing a collab project, Garden Boys, with fellow Produce Organics artist Bocha.

With his talent apparent to all those who have listened to his music or seen him perform, Donte’s album COLORS is one of the most anticipated hip hop projects to come out of Portland this year. The first color off of the album is MAGENTA and features Sacramento/Berkeley artist Caleborate and the first lady of Produce Organics Scooty.

Produced by one of Donte’s most frequent collaborates, Corey G, MAGENTA was the first track made for the album. “With the last album I did, we finished it two times. And Corey said we don’t have any songs for the ladies…this time around I wanted to do that first. We started this one and I got it done and boom one for the ladies.”


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