Dopico Drops Anthem Single “Money” | @DOPICO |

DOPICO’s new song “Money” is an anthem for anyone hustling to support a dream. “People often acknowledge that it’s difficult to make money as an artist,” she said, “but they don’t necessarily discuss the giant upfront costs of actually producing art, paying collaborators for photos and videos, getting eyes and ears on the work, looking the part, and building a music career while paying the day to day bills.”

The NYC- based independent artist’s signature power vocals and soulful tone are supported by sultry harmonies, some latin flair, and a verse in Spanish to honor her hispanic heritage. “My father and close family immigrated from Cuba, working tirelessly to give us the best opportunities. I feel so grateful, and inspired by their perseverance.”

Her rebrand to DOPICO (previous releases remain under Madeleine Dopico), and this song in particular, highlight her determination to reach as many people as possible and create an impassioned legacy that builds on the chance she’s been given. “DOPICO” the album, is coming soon. Follow “DOPICO” on all major platforms! IG: @IAmDopico


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