Dopico Reinvents Usher’s Hit Single “Yeah!”

DOPICO, an independent, up-and-coming female pop artist is keeping listeners on their toes by releasing an unexpected, rearranged cover of “Yeah!” by Usher. “I wanted to reimagine a song that many people my age have memories of, and repurpose the lyrics and melodies we’ve heard on dance floors a million times to create something new.”

The track stays true to the R&B vibe, while DOPICO plays with new harmonies, melodies and chords with a sultry vocal tone. The tempo of the song is dramatically slowed down to give it a unique groove, with modern production elements like vocoder and a low octavized vocal layered in to keep the energy alluring.

“It also felt empowering for me to recreate this song as a woman,” DOPICO said. “When this song came out in 2004, I was a young teen who feared that self-driven female provocative energy would never be ‘appropriate’ in the same way it was fine for Usher and Ludacris to sing, ‘we want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed, etc.’ It’s inspiring to now watch women in pop culture make empowered and honest art, and it felt freeing for me to record this and put my own spin out there.”

DOPICO’s version of “Yeah!” is available on all major music platforms. Follow her on Spotify and Instagram to hear what’s next!


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