Dré Tamashī Releases “Dream” | @dretamashi |

Dré’s music is rich with captivating beats, harmonious guitar flows, and entrancing rock-inspired vocal melodies that portray a large range of emotions. Highlighting on “Dream,” it’s powerful in lyrics, accompanied by catchy melodies, rhythmic beats, and melancholy vocals.

Dré Tamashī was the frontman of his [then] metal band, I Kept Silent, which drew a large following throughout Florida, allowing him to express himself in front of crowds of all sizes, from local shows to major festivals alongside Alice In Chains, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Asking Alexandria to name a few.

Once he closed that chapter of his life, Dré gained inspiration from The Weeknd’s Kiss Land tour in 2013 and set off to take his art in an exciting and contrasting direction, thus the birth of his stylistic fusion of guitar-riffing Rock-N-Roll, melodic R&B, and banging Hip-Hop beats into one concise sound.

In 2016, Dré felt that Florida constrained him of his visionary path, so he dove into a fresh adventure in golden Los Angeles, California. By 2018, he had settled into his new city & solidified his new musical direction. It’s then he debuted his moody first single, “Calling My Name,” shortly followed by an uplifting Pop jam, “Higher.” A combination of his first name, André, and the Japanese translation for “soul,” Dré Tamashī is inclusive of the culture that influences him in music, philosophy, and life.

Ever since announcing his solo project, he’s been met with nothing but continuous support and positivity through social media and at countless live performances all across Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and Florida.

To connect with Dré Tamashī on Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, and more, you can find him under the username @dretamashi.


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