Dusa Alpacino is born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and at just 21 years old, he is quickly made a name for himself in the underground scene and was flown out to LA and set up in a studio to expedite the next phase of his career. He has already opened up for Splurge, and members of the Shoreline Mafia as well as featured on Elevator and FckThem! He has over 100 songs recorded and is definitely going to be one to watch in 2019!

His first single, Certified Drip was released on Elevator and garnered over 50,000 views on the first day but unfortunately the video was taken down due to a copy write issue over the set location that is currently being worked out by the Elevator legal team. Dusa has the ability to go from underground sensation to a star in a Hollywood minute. At just 21, he has major label interest and is definitely one to watch. He currently lives in between LA and Cleveland and his singles and videos will only get bigger from this point on as his network is only getting more impressive. His last single was featured on Elevator and Gretzky was already uploaded to Fck Them! His melodic versatility is only developing and his lyrics are on pace to be classics very soon. Tap in to Dusa’s social media for upcoming live shows!


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