Dust Bunnys – “Garage Nights”

While on winter break (2017-2018) from California State University Sacramento, Nick King (also known as Dust Bunnys) fully dedicated his time to writing and recording music. He wrote and/or recorded original songs every day and every night, often spending over 12 hours a day working on his first album. Playing each instrument himself, recording the songs of the first album took approximately 2 months. All but two of the songs on the first album were written and recorded during this small time frame.

When winter break had ended, Dust Bunnys returned to studying computer science at Sac State. However, his dissatisfaction with the overall sound quality of the recorded songs became obsessive. In the sporadic stints of free time between his school work, he worked tirelessly to tweak the audio to his liking. Along the way, he realized that his bigger ideas and visions could not be accomplished using the simple recording device he had used to record and mix his first album. He began translating all of his production skills to instead be used with a computer and immediately became entranced by the limitless possibilities it provided. While mastering the mixed recordings of his first album, Dust Bunnys started recording new tracks for his follow up release.

Made in a single night with his roommate Nestor Alvarenga. Garage Nights brings the listener into the world that is Dust Bunnys studio garage.


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