EDSUN – “My Love Is Free”

My Love Is Free has influences from 90s and early 2000’s Pop and R&B songs. The song talks about a homosexual male having feelings for another bisexual male and questions the issues of hiding one’s true feelings and jealousy.

EDSUN’s background consists in performing arts, in particular singing and dance, which he started at a very young age. Determined to pursue a career in the arts, EDSUN soon started appearing in innovative theatre productions taking place in Luxembourg’s arts platforms. Having performed at the Sonic Visions Festival in Luxembourg’s Rockhal or in London (Stratford circus) and in Paris (Silencio), this young artist is on the rise.

From the dark, moody and atmospheric sonic world that we were presented with on his debut EP ’N.O.’ , EDSUN has now tapped into a punchier up-beat sound with elements of Pop and R&B music on his second EP titled ‘You Are Not Just One Thing’.

‘You Are Not Just One Thing’ is about freeing oneself of being put into social boxes. It is about displaying a person as a multidimensional and complex human being, with many diverse interests and talents. EDSUN questions our views as a society, such as the way we perceive men and women; or how we fear to be judged for the way we are. As such, he is trying to see the world in a new light.


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