Effect of Weightlifting on a Singer’s Voice – All You Need Know

Effect of Weightlifting on a Singer’s Voice – All You Need Know

Exercise is good and highly recommended for singers. It is a no-brainer that it will keep one healthy and fit. Imagine having to give a performance on stage for an hour or more when you are not fit at all – you might even collapse. Again, an attractive body shape and size is what you need as a celebrity.

However, the biggest concern here is whether or not weightlifting is good for your voice as a singer. According to many experts, the answer is simply yes. But there are few considerations to make for this to be a success. Let us look at the important insights that you need to know.

How Weightlifting Affects the Body

The main effect of weightlifting, according to many studies, is muscle and strength gain. But this depends on the consistency and amount of weight that you lift. Those who prefer light weight and more reps get a smaller gain in muscle and strength but improve their heart health faster.

On the other hand, there are those who lift heavy weight, and the result is the growth of more muscles and strength within a short time. This is considered to have a positive impact on a singer’s voice in many ways as we are going to see.

Effect of Weightlifting on a Singer’s Voice

Many people, including musicians, are oblivious to the benefits they will get from lifting weights. For the singers, we have good news for you, and the benefits below give you a reason to get curious about enhancement gear from the Steroids Evolution website, which can promote how you lift.

  • Better upper body muscles – Lifting focuses more on pectorals, biceps, and triceps, but let us focus on the pectorals a bit and see why you need them as strong as possible to sing like a star. These muscles support the larynx, which produces the voice. As a singer, this must have a strong anchor.
  • As you lift weights, the pectorals become better and now the larynx can cope with both the upward and downward pressure. Thus, it does not matter how long you sing continuously because your body is ready for this.
  • Better abdominal muscles – A great singing voice is partly determined by the abdominal muscles, especially if you do not want to strain your neck and pectorals. It is all about creating a balance between the two areas.

With lifting exercises, the abs and other abdominal muscles will get the needed strength to improve your voice. It’s no wonder why many singers can perform all of their songs on the stage for hours without losing their breath.



With the above insights, it is pretty clear that a singer will be better off with weightlifting than running every morning. To get the above benefits, you do not have to break your back with the heaviest deadlift. It is better to plan well and remain consistent.

Now that you know these tips, get down to the nearest gym center and enroll for an appropriate weightlifting program to improve your voice. The trainer should be in a position to guide you on this.



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