EhCee makes a candid statement concerning so-called “Real Ones” – @EhCeeMusic


Real Ones

EhCee presents the self-produced “Real Ones”, a song touching on the subject of friends and freeloaders, real and fake –

Canada’s EhCee takes a trippy trap beat and unloads his feelings of dark truths and feelings for his latest hit, “Real Ones”. The song features a vast amount of melodies and will be found on his debut EP, “TRusT”, which arrives on November 26th. What makes this song unique is the coy mixture of Reggae and Rap that makes this song so damn catchy.

Doubling as an artist and producer, EhCee has a slight advantage. He’s able to build bridges, drop beat change ups and much more. This gives his songwriting abilities room to explore. Listen as he gets deep about how certain people only come around when the getting is good. Get hip to “Real Ones” down below and if you’re interested in hearing more, check out “TRusT” when it drops later this month.