El Jibs- “The Secret Incantation” | @its_el_jibs |

The first single “The Secret Incantation” (Released June 10th) off a witch-themed EP called “Beware the Witch” to be released Late July/Early August – accompanied by illustrated artwork by Nick Spencer. The sounds and artwork walks the listener through a familiar universe of spells, talking cats, bubbling cauldrons, pumpkin pies and anything magically intriguing.

As an artist interested in all different kinds of aesthetically pleasing concepts I enjoy changing up the theme with each EP/Album release to keep my fans keen and excited for future releases. Although I enjoy changing up the vibes, my music holds a consistant quality and direction. I tend to use authentic instruments ranging from India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Africa and South America. With an electronic finish to the tracks.

An aspiring producer crafting songs perfect for walking/smoking. Authentic sounds from all over the world. Relaxing summer vibes.


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