ELBA – Antidote


It looks like Denmark singer ELBA has found the “Antidote” to a torn relationship as she dances the memories away on her electrically charged single

23-year-old singer and songwriter Ellen Bathum soars and sweeps onto the Danish music scene with confidence and a clearly defined expression.

Armed with the armory from the electronic pop music ELBA delivers bombastic and catchy synth pop that instantly touches the listener. Elba tells relatable stories about loss of control and the many faces of love.

The inspiration from Robyn is evident in the debut single, ‘Antidote’, and just like the Swedish electropop-queen, Ellen Bathum sings out her heartaches and finds new energy in the glow of the stroboscope. Melancholy and thoughtfulness unite in a fiery explosion of a dance party. She is a powerful new voice on the electronic pop scene in Denmark.


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