In what is likely one of the most tripped out videos in Hip-Hop so far this year, Black Liquid delivers a hypnotic visual that mashes up various aspects of popular culture.  Delivering somewhat abstract raps with an all out middle finger to the industry, Black Liquid lets you know that clearly he, “don’t give a ‘F*ck'” as the song title suggests.

With a background in freestyling, rhyming is easy for Black Liquid relative to the mumble rappers of the past few years. Rapping over Bandolero production, Black Liquid delivers some heat from his new project ANTi, and the blogs are taking notice.

“I started out in freestyle sessions in the margins of school work.  Making music became a thing when I felt like what I was hearing wasn’t fitting my story or describing my life, my identity,” Black Liquid explained. “When I saw the affect telling my story had on others and how it helped them overcome the challenges in their life, I realized with Hip-Hop I could change the world around me.  My father being incarcerated and sentenced to life, my friends dying, being broke…telling my story made all those things make sense, and allowed me to help people at the same time.”
Coming up this month Black Liquid takes his show on the road for the Soundset Festival in Minnesota on 5/28. He also has plans to open up for Raekwon at the Broadberry in Richmond on 7/11, adding to his plans to throw an event every month for the rest of the year.



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