We all know that feeling way too well, of falling for someone who we are pursuing before it’s too good to be true. The feeling of being left in the wind while the person of interest is having a blast, or just not knowing how you feel of them. Emil takes us on a trip we have all been on at least once in our lives, doing what we can to get the person we love’s attention but making certain sacrifices to do so which may lead to failure. The thought of failing or not having that person in your life and being taken off course from what you were setting out to do for yourself. Check out the visual for track “AWAKE”.


EMIL: “Awake came from the inspiration of a situation that a very close friend of mine was going through. I wanted to capture the emotions that he was dealing with, because I felt like it was very raw and real. These emotions can immobilize us and prevent us from looking for or desiring a better future. My friend mentioned to me that he was having trouble sleeping,  and at times the need to gasp for air. When I wrote the record, I wanted to make sure the audience understands that they are not alone in those moments. One thing that I learned from making music is that being able to put all those feelings of confusion, love, loneliness, depression and fear on paper can be healing. I hope that Awake connects with someone going through that bad break up and helps them realize that it’s okay to feel those things.”


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