Born in Ibadan, Oyo State in Nigeria and now based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Enamel (Hakim Giwa) is taking the Afrobeat sound for which his homeland is synonymous and is spreading his own interpretation to a worldwide audience. Enamel is currently under the management of record label, More Coke Everyday (MCE), based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Following from the hugely successful single, Pokish, produced by award-winning Nigerian producer, Kiddominant, Gang is a similarly infectious, smooth track which looks to break him as one to watch in the music world in 2020.

Growing up in a strict family where his mother was the headmistress of a school and his father a civil servant at the Water Corporation of Oyo State, Enamel would often get in trouble for having a “book of lyrics” where he wrote verses to songs he aspired to record. It was in this period that he developed his love for music and knew he wanted to become a recording artist in the Afro-Pop scene.


“I am Inspired and motivated by the things around me, all the frowns and smiles, ups and downs and everything in general about life. I decide to share my story and everything I see in the best way I can. I believe my life is a movie and it will be a very bad idea if I didn’t tell the whole world about it. Africa is my root, 23402 is my city and I rep every living soul on earth, no discrimination, no colour, no race.

I am presently working on my EP, putting in the work to release a masterpiece for all my fans.Enjoy the movie: It’s a documentary; My life; Your life; Our life.”

Enamel is currently signed to More Coke Everyday Entertainment and has released his debut single, “Pokish” which is produced by Kiddominant and features Galaybanton.

With the firm believe that music is a weapon that can be used to influence change, Enamel prides himself with the goal to do good.


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