Eric Bellinger Clears Air on Tory Lanez Beef

Eric Bellinger Addresses Tory Lanez on new song

The music industry officially has R&B BEEF. If you haven’t been hiding under a rock for the past few years we should all know who Tory lanez is.  Yes, the R&B swagger.

Torey Lanez is a rapper/singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada who has finally been addressed for his thieving ways. “Torey is known for jacking flows/styles from other artists” stated R&B Singer/Songwriter Eric Bellinger.

 The Breakdown

Issues started when Tory lanez stole E.Bellinger’s Tagline “This Gon Be Ya Favorite Song”. Without giving acknowledgement from how he came up with it and not giving credit to the inspiration for it. Apparently Eric has had enough of Tory’s fraudulence.   “Your only talent is mimicking any one that’s talented” words from Mr. “This gon be ya favorite song” Eric Bellinger, as he dishes out verbal abuse and airs Tory out throughout the entire record. Incorporating clips from various Tory interviews, as well as stating “you even stole the song you dissed me on that sh*t pathetic”. At the same time, Tory took from Fetty Wap, Trey Songz, Kendrick Lamar and no other than his Toronto neighbor Drake.

In the rap world, beef tracks are known for exposing the other artist, although R&B beef doesn’t happens often. The last time the industry saw R&B beef was when Trey songs was going back and forward with R.Kelly. Listen to the audio of the verbal assault to Tory Lanes by Eric Bellinger above.