Erik Sanders aims to blaze us up this winter season with “Forever, Whatever”

Erik Sanders

Australian rapper Erik Sanders hits us up this winter season with the highly energetic sounds of “Forever, Whatever”, sure to give off strong party vibes –

Erik Sanders blends elements of Juke, Rap and a melodic swing to create the fun, up-tempo single, “Forever, Whatever”. He leans towards frequent collaborator James Angus, who worked with him on his last release, “Purple Panther”, with Reese Laflare. Together, the playful selection features a relationship-based tale with a sharp tempo change up for the hook. Overall, it’s a song that celebrates self-worth. “Forever, Whatever” also serves as a precursor release, servicing it to the masses while he preps his 2018 debut EP, “Still Alive”. Catch the groove with Erik Sanders below.


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