“Woke Up, Hands High” finds EsZ somewhere between a wizened philosopher & an observer – @Estylez



On “Woke Up, Hands High”, EsZ presents himself somewhere between a wizened philosopher and an ordinary observer. Without too much overthinking and over-explaining, he jumps directly into the intricacies of relationships and casual affairs on an emotional, psychological and carnal level –

Based in New York, Hip Hop artist EsZ is not only a recording artist but a force to be reckoned with. By uniquely creating timely content that appeals to a contemporary audience , this one-man creative collective blends the worlds of art and music into a fascinating experience connecting with listeners using personal stories and relevant themes.

EsZ, who is also a visual artist going by his first name Erron, happens to have a gift for words and is known for creating illustrative observations of the world around him. These observations frequently include the good, the bad and the ugly, all delivered in a gorgeous symphony of clever rhymes and tongue-twisting lyrical patterns.