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Funk futuristic soundscape composer & producer DJ Fathouse; and neo-soul vocalist and poet That Guy, make up the Space Pop duo of Eye-C. The pair recently dropped their 10 track project “Spac.Epop” and it features the tripped out single, “Day Trip”.

Music made its presence felt throughout their lives, but it was not until early 2016 that they began composing songs in a bedroom studio. Shortly after, in 2017, the duo released their debut album titled “E”, a 19 track musical odyssey which garnered local, national, and international exposure throughout the indie scene, with the ambient hit “Spac.E” topping charts on Australian radio waves.

Fast forward to Spring 2018, Guy & Fathouse summoned their 4-track EP titled, “Long Distant Calls”, which also made its way through the indie crowds, and later emerged at live settings in the Indiana dive bar scene.

“Spac.Epop” is the title of their second home studio album, which released on October 3, 2018. Based upon modern day and futuristic simulations, this album will take listeners through the levels of the Eye, representing modern day society, government, media & the matrix we all are so consumed by today. With this project Eye-C plans to shed light on the conundrum of the technological world and take the first steps in defining their own genre of music and sound, manifesting that this album will become the face of the galaxy’s newest genre Space-Pop.

Eye-C looks to breakthrough the mainstream scene with not only a fresh style of sound but a new outlook on the experience of music itself. With a perfect mix of ambient interstellar sounds and raw authentic vocals Eye-C allows for their listeners to transcend into the highest states of mind in the grooviest of ways. It’s far out…


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