Fallen Roses – Crush (ft. Hannah Jenkins)

Mexican-Chilean duo Fallen Roses and NYC born/Berlin-based singer Hannah Jenkins collaborate on ‘Crush’, the new sultry electronic-pop single to be released on November 29th via Majestic Casual.

After gaining around 10 million plays, Fallen Roses return with their first original vocal track release since 2018’s ‘Sad Romance’ featuring Girl Ultra and 2017’s ‘Underwater’ featuring Ayelle. ‘Crush’ is written by Canadian songstress and YouTube sensation Daniela Andrade, and features the talented Hannah Jenkins, who previously worked with James Hersey producer narou on their single ‘Prophecy’.

‘Crush’ revolves around jealousy and obsession. The laid-back and lo-fi productions ooze with warmth and passion, combining earthy hip-hop beats with vibrant cosmic sounds. An echo of summer memories swirl, as the heartfelt and organic textures weave together to transport you into heady dreams of sun-soaked days gone by.

‘Crush (ft. Hannah Jenkins)’ is now available


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