Family Affair & Bates Turn TF Up w/ ‘9999’ [Audio] | @bates_stl @stlfamilyaffair @ familyfanpage

Family Affair

Just in time to conclude 2017 with a bang and bring in the New Year with enough energy to raise the dead, Midwest Hip Hop duo Family Affair links up with fiery lyricist Bates to dropped 9999. A smashing club banger fueled by dope bars, vivid imagery, and a slight nostalgic touch, 9999 uncovers the true depth and diversity of both the Family Affair and Bates brand and continues the wave of Midwest influence that lasted throughout this past year.

Family Affair

Comprised of blood brothers Mr. Rep and QB, Family Affair ignited the St. Louis underground scene when their creative, poetic style began to transcend genres, boundaries, and restrictions on stages across the city. Incredibly different from other acts emerging from north St. Louis, F.A.’s dedication to real, raw rap attracted the attention of fans throughout the Midwest. Typically known for their reality-based metaphors and transparent flows, 9999 taps a different string in the hearts of listeners; making it the perfect record to toss in a little Bates flavor!

Family Affair

Full of life and well wishes leading into 2018, 9999 is a reminder of the goodness of days past with a promise of the future. The lyrical banter between Mr. Rep and QB, accompanied by a moving verse from Bates bundled up in a hook filled with good vibes, makes 9999 an excellent conclusion to a standout year.   


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