Fanshore & Tropic Collab on New Single “Silk” | @fanshore_tropic |

Fanshore & Tropic’s ‘Silk’ is their plushest sonic ground yet. Over the song’s four minute run time, they convey the velveteen feeling of escape through the song’s production and structure. The murky depths of the intro suspend Fanshore’s hooks in a sonic haze. They bookend Tropic’s verses, which explore a variety of different escapes: drinking, partying, love and creativity, while admitting frustration with the grind of everyday life.

On ‘Silk’, Fanshore and Tropic continue to push beyond the frame of commercial hip hop, offering a hypnotic alternative that remains both personal and relatable. ‘Silk’ is taken from their forthcoming debut EP, Nothing Beats A Day Like This out later this year. It’s shaping up to be a virtuoso performance from the duo, whose incisive lyrical themes and fresh sounds continue to strike a chord with hip hop lovers searching for something raw.

Fanshore & Tropic is a collaboration between Londoners Tyler Darrington (Fanshore) and Tristan Gibbs (Tropic). The pair met and worked together in a clothes store for about a year, but it was only after Tristan sent Tyler some voice memos with potential material that the duo quickly found their unique chemistry. Debut song ‘Sunlight’ proved a slick first impression, with Tyler’s old school musicianship underscoring Tristan’s natural lyricism. With a mutual love for jazz, soul and hip-hop, and a homemade production ethos, the duo weave together old-school flourishes with observational storytelling from young urban life.

This year has seen them re-release ‘Reaper’ in January on Treehouse Records, which premiered on Clash, before playing performing a live session on Worldwide FM for Erica McKoy on the WW Daily Show. Now they’ve finished their debut EP Nothing Beats A Day Like This with plans for an early summer release. It will include ‘Soul Define’, ‘Reaper’ and ‘Nobody Knows’, (the two latter both given 1Xtra support by Jamz Supernova) alongside ‘Silk’ and another new song. While relatively new, Fanshore & Tropic is already a fully-formed sound, and even their small body of online work shows a duo carving their own niche in hip hop.


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