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Hussle knows no end with multi-talented mogul Feli Fame (formerly Felony Fame)’s legacy.  The multi-talented entrepreneur spreads his efforts equally between music and visual / performing arts.  Having released three full length albums, visual works with premieres and advertising on BET and MTV, a silver screen appearance with 50 Cent, a tour with Ice Cube, and countless numbers-generating singles and music videos, Feli is most recently hitting us with his single / visual “Vanilla”.

Growing up equally in North Carolina and New Jersey, Feli attributes his eclectic style and taste of music to the dichotomy of these two places.  Citing J. Cole as a major influence, Feli’s music transcends what one would consider his overall sound to be based on listening to only one of his songs.  His first three full-length releases are testament to this statement.  Everything Starts From Now, The New Elvis, and Sunrise at Midnight (in respective order) show not only musical growth but a keen ear for unique and diverse sounds. He is constantly In the studio and explains that words are his specialty in terms of musical contribution.

“I like to give people all of me.  I love dropping singles but my sounds extend so much that you can’t get a feel for me off of one song.”

The same can be said for his visual works.  Also a film producer and actor, his work ethic and sense for being in the right place at the right time have shown him many benefits for his efforts.  Feli acted as the character Sean in 50 Cent’s 2009 movie “Before I self Destruct” after a chance encounter with the famed rapper. He also produced two short films with notoriety, the first of which, “Dirty Laundry: Greed Has No Face”, was advertised on BET during the BET Awards and the second, “Everything Starts From Now”, a documentary, had air time on BET.  Feli also had his music video for “Big Face Hunnits” played on BET and MTV, toured with Ice Cube after winning the Coors Light Search For The Coldest Competition through fan votes, and has worked closely on music with Dipset’s own Cam’Ron.

“Film and music go hand in hand so I give my audience a little more.  I like to distinguish myself.”

As for his most recent release, Vanilla stars Feli in a minute and a half joyride of bars and stunning visuals.  Feli says a lot in this time, gloating accomplishments and his prowess with his lifestyle.  The line “I’m in that Demon, Holy Water Please” sticks out most to this writer, encompassing the theme of the song beautifully.  Feli also plays with some vocal harmony in his lyrical delivery, adding a unique and memorable tinge to his voice.  Make sure to check out the video on YouTube, stream the song on Spotify, and follow Feli on Instagram.

Vanilla Music Video: https://youtu.be/8O9i6Rh9Y4I

Vanilla on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/2Q5XY7OgJnYoY3ne53GZZ9?si=Xu6MK1fGTnOMknG5YU_rNQ

Feli Fame Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/felifame/?hl=en


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