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Felix Sandman is the 21-year old multi-talent from Stockholm, Sweden who now is releasing his new single ’BOYS WITH EMOTIONS’. After his solo debut in 2018 with his first single ’EVERY SINGLE DAY’ that stayed at #1 on the Swedish Top Charts for 4 continuous weeks, Felix has demonstrated his immense talent to express his feelings through words and made his way into the hearts of the Swedish people. The success that followed ’EVERY SINGLE DAY’ and the follow-up single ’IMPRINT’ resulted in Felix winning a Swedish Rockbjörnen Award for ’Breakthrough of the Year’ in 2018.


That same year, Felix released his debut album ’Emotions’ where he proved his undeniable talent as both a songwriter and artist. With honest and vulnerable lyrics and melodies the album contains every emotion and the lows and highs of Felix emotional rollercoaster and has today reached gold status. After his co-headline tour together with Benjamin Ingrosso in 2019, Felix embarked on his first own national headline tour in Sweden and released singles like ’SOMETHING RIGHT’ and ’MIDDLE OF NOWHERE’ where both were on heavy rotation on Swedish radio. During the summer of 2019 we also got the chance to see Felix as an actor, as he played one of the leading roles in Swedens first original Netflix series ’Quicksand’. The show was embraced by highly acclaimed tastemakers and people all over the world and Felix also landed one of the biggest roles in the first original Norwegian Netflix series ’Home for Christmas’.


Now with several tours, a gold certified album and over 110 + million streams on Spotify, Felix is now releasing ’BOYS WITH EMOTIONS’. A minimalistic uptempo song with a strong lyrical message that boys should be able to express their feelings.

Felix own words about the song: “BOYS WITH EMOTIONS is a titel and a subject that I have both thought about and talked about for a long time. The inspiration for the song is that I, as both a man and a feminist has considered where I should put my focus to be able to influence in the best way – and what we can do to raise boys right and break the toxic structures and norms in our society. I also wanted it to be a great song that you can dance to – and that you don’t have to think about the message and simply enjoy the song. “



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