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Canadian electronic music producer, Firewood Poetry, will release her fifth single, “It’s my art to xxxx” with support from the music label Rauthentic. “It’s my art to xxxx” lulls its listeners into a dream-like state before vigorously awakening them with heavy percussion and a hauntingly assertive voice which demands ownership of its own artistic pursuits. Painted in the backdrop of the track, layered vocals and melodies are interwoven, creating an illusive depth and texture like that of a distant memory.

From the serene shores and lush rainforest of Salt Spring Island, B.C., Firewood Poetry incorporates the tranquility of the West Coast’s natural landscape into her music. Her genre may be categorized as trip hop, but her style is authentic and one of a kind. Influenced by both traditional East Indian and contemporary electronic music, Firewood Poetry promises to bring to the Canadian electronic music scene a genuine sound that is fresh and true to her own.

Firewood Poetry It's my art to xxxx


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