Flare Tha Rebel – Fuh Wit’ Me (Video) |

Invitingly titled “Fuh Wit’ Me”, Flare Tha Rebel’s new single encourages the masses to put his skills to the test. As the release also breaks a musical hiatus, on display in the song is the revelation that Flare’s prowess has only strengthen since his time with former live instrumentation Hip-Hop band, Anti-Crew.

Coupled with a captivating and dark beat produced by Bob the Beat Builder (co-producer of Seven Chakras by Ces Cru with over nine million views on YouTube), Flare’s lyrics shine with an aggressive yet effortless style. “Fuh Wit’ Me” is also joined by a new music video that tackles the duality of code switching in the workplace – a representation of the authentically layered personality that Flare and many others juggle daily.

Although Hip-Hop at the core, Flare Tha Rebel’s versatility remains as he balances music with socially progressive themes that are still enjoyable enough to raise a glass to at a party. Currently, Flare Tha Rebel has released the lyrically sharp “Fuh Wit’ Me” as his newest single and is on the horizon of releasing the refreshingly lighthearted “Rosé All Day”.


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