Fox Spirit Debuts Single “Don’t Look at Me” | @foxspiritmusic |

Some call it an abomination, some call it divine. Fox Spirit is a mythical creature that does Lofi Hip-hop to spit tales of human life and tragedy. It is the brain that comprehends what you hear, and it is the heart that lets you feel. But it is the spirit that allows you to mediate the two.

Atsuhiro Nakayama who is behind the mask of Fox Spirit was born in Philadelphia, grew up in Yokohama Japan and currently resides in Liverpool, UK. Nakayama always felt far from home not knowing where home really is. He is a firm believer of empathy as the solution to all social human problems, from political to personal. He embraced his Middle Child syndrome and writes songs to be the mediator of all people. Nakayama writes songs from other people’s perspective to let people give a sense of comfort for the victims of heartbreaks, and people who surround them to be empathetic towards the broken. The main purpose for his existence is to save others from despair.

Don’t Look at Me follows the mind of a heartbroken protagonist that has recently separated with her significant other. She looks back at the experience with a sigh. She is overwhelmed with emotions of shame, jealousy, anger and sorrow which she tries to hide but feels unsuccessful. The song progresses with meandering states of emotions from feeling nostalgic to being furious to being envious to being embarrassed. In the end, she struggles to move on and has to embrace these emotions in shame.



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