FRANCEAUTHAGOD – “Phases of the Night” (EP) | @Franceauthagod |


Atlanta, Georgia native FranceauThaGod drops his debut EP, “Phases Of The Night”, The five track project features three tracks produced by Teesteez.

Franceau delivers a solid and very innovative five-song compilation. Teesteez holds his own yet again on the production end and shows why the pairing of the two continues to produce results with songs like “2800” and “ whatchuwant” on this project. ThaGod proves yet again why his “Frans” love him.

Born with a rare genetic disorder that left his windpipe thin as a drinking straw, the young artist faced high adversity from the start. As time moved on and the rapper began to grow older, his voice began to come. This raspy voice would later would make him the center of attention thru his music.


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