Fritzwa Revisits Isolation with ‘Sitting Pretty’ [Official Video] | @Fritzwa


Sitting Pretty

Intensely different in her sound with a familiar cadence with each verse, the Lower East Side‘s Fritzwa gives viewers and listeners an introspective look into life disrupted by discomfort with the official visual for her song Sitting Pretty. The latest single from her debut album Avenue A, Fritzwa’s unwavering honesty, and unsettling uniqueness makes her the queen of the genre-bending creatives that oftentimes emerge from New York City.

A NYC native, Fritzwa was first introduced to her own musical gifts after she studied piano at the historic Third Street Music School Settlement. Her relocation from the Big Apple to Portland, OR inspired Sitting Pretty; giving life to a sentiment of discomfort, solitude, and isolation many listeners can relate to. Sitting Pretty

“When I wrote the song, I’d moved to Portland from New York for a job and I was feeling pretty isolated at the time,” Fritzwa said. “My team and I sought out of some of the most scenic places in Oregon and placed me in those spaces, alone. Pretty much a visual depiction of my frame of mind at the time.”

A directorial collaboration between Fritzwa and Ikaika Cofer, the songstress moves through her new terrain, unsure of herself yet certain of her destiny and comfortably Sitting Pretty.