Frogi’s knack for words is propelled further in new single “Moonlight” | @frogimakesmusic |

Innovative writer, singer, and producer frogi is here with her new song “moonlight.” frogi won our hearts with her debut track “peace of mind” and the stunning follow-up “time.” In her newest single, the off-kilter songbird crafts her brilliant sound seamlessly in this rhythmic piece.

frogi’s knack for words is propelled further in new single “moonlight,” an homage to our conjured fantasies. This indie-pop offering features a soundscape made of layered vocals, snappy production, and a hazy tropical inspired beat. It’s a dreamy, iridescent tell-all of the picture we paint versus the reality we live and super catchy too.

frogi elaborates on the single saying, “I wrote moonlight when I was thinking about the teenaged version of myself. It’s about being in love with the idea of someone rather than the actual person. That someone is unattainable or someone who you want purely because you can’t have them. It’s about the power of fantasy and how we can create these totally imagined versions of people because it comforts us. I was the queen of imagination as a teen, and would often create these worlds in my head that made me feel okay. There’s some comfort in delusion when reality isn’t all that great.”


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