Canadian based duo Garçons (singer/songwriter Deelo and record producer/director Julian Strangelove) first met in 2014, but didn’t start working together until last summer when they dove into writing and recording. Inspired by the bohemian rap lyricism of Pharrell and Q-Tip, Nigerian born Deelo found a perfect collaborator with Strangelove, whose Soul meets Reggaeton beats provided the perfect vehicle for Deelo’s vocals.


Their forthcoming debut EP “Body Language” was written over the course of a month in Strangelove’s Ottawa apartment. “There wasn’t a goal, we just wanted to make good music,” Strangelove says of the experience. “At the end of the day, the music is really all about embracing uniqueness and the things that make us human – love, nostalgia, euphoria, insecurities, lust, boredom, etc.”


Garçons’ fusion experimentalism comes through in their debut single “Numba One,” which comes with a rainbow pastel music video. Directed by Strangelove, the clip was filmed in Ottawa and pays homage to Quentin Tarantino through highly stylized characters and lush visual acrobatics, with Deelo taking a page from Andre 3000’s style donning bright pink mink body duster and plaid pants, toying around with a ’90s boom box and bright green vintage car, as the duo visits some local haunts including an arcade and the famed ice cream (aka “creme glacée”) joint Lois n’ Frima’s. ‘With the music & the visuals, it’s always been about telling stories and creating this colorful world for people to get lost in.”