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“Get Out” is a masterpiece we didn’t see coming.

I can’t remember being this excited for a film in a longtime.  When I first started seeing the trailer for, Get Out months ago I immediately thought it looked like it was going to be an amazing flick and then the words flashed across the screen…”From the mind of Jordan Peele”.  At that very moment my brain almost exploded!  Being an avid fan of the show, “Key & Peel” brought a lot of things to mind.  One, I knew this movie would be incredibly well thought out.  Anyone who watches the show knows that Mr. Peele (and his partner Key) are two very smart individuals.  They’re skits are always very clever and dripped in truth from head to toe so I knew this movie would be the same.  Second, I had no idea what to expect.  Sure the trailer was pretty straight forward and yes the guy behind the film is incredibly talented, however, for all the talent that Jordan Peele possesses we had yet to see him tackle a project of in this genre or of the magnitude of, Get Out.  Well the day was finally here and I had my popcorn ready.

Let me start by saying this movie did not disappoint.  As the movie began and Jordan Peele’s name flashed across the screen the entire audience started clapping and hollering which I had never seen happen at a movie before.  Saying he did a great job his first time out would be a huge understatement.  The movie delivered on everything the trailer promised.  I literally felt as if I was watching 3 different movies at the same.  A psychological thriller/horror, a political think piece and a tongue in cheek comedy all wrapped in one nice package.

At its core the movie is a low budget, amazingly directed psychological thriller with an easy to keep up with story line that doesn’t provide many plot twists throughout the process.  This coupled with the comedy genius of Peele sprinkled throughout the entire movie would’ve been enough to keep us entertained, but this film was so much more.

At a time when racial tension is gaining momentum and the country seems just as divided as ever Jordan Peele took the opportunity to put a unique perspective on things.  [SPOILER ALERT]  The main premise of the movie is about a community of well off white folks that abduct African Americans in order to take over their’ bodies to use in whatever way they see fit through hypnosis and brain transplants.  The different reasons these body snatchers give throughout the film for their’ infatuation with black people range in everything from strength and body structure, to an eye for art, swag and of course bedroom performance.  All very stereotypical traits used to get the not so subtle point across.  As the plot to the movie unfolded I couldn’t help but draw the comparisons on how this country was built on the backs of African slaves and the ongoing slavery disguised as the US Prison System.  If I had to bet my life on it I’d guess this is exactly what the director was going for…and he nailed it.

I have to give a great round of applause to Jordan Peele for stepping out of his comedic comfort zone and giving us a real piece of art that couldn’t have been easy to pull off.  In his directorial debut Peele manages to not only blend genres and give us a great political message at the same, but he also created a thriller that had us on the edge of our seats the entire time.

Overall I give this movie a rating of an “A-“.  It definitely has me keeping an eye on what’s next for Mr. Peele in his bright future, including many more season of “Key & Peele” I hope.

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