Get to Know Ebony Moore | TripleHQ Interview

Get to know Ebony Moore

TCH:  Ms. Ebony Moore, it’s a pleasure to be interviewing you today. I appreciate you taking the time to tell the world about yourself. Coming from where you come from, what made you want to gravitate towards singing?

Ebony: I was born into music. In fact, I’m told my mother danced with me in the womb. My family has musical talent in the caliber of The Jackson and The Winans, so at a very young age I knew my destiny. I began singing at age 4 and making up my own songs even if they made no sense. Every family gathering entailed a sing-off; therefore, sharing my gift of song was inevitable.

TCH: Who are your influences within the music industry?

Ebony: I am heavily influenced by so many and my list is so versatile. As a little girl, our house carried the sounds of powerhouses like Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, Miki Howard and Me’Lisa Morgan.  By age 6, I could sing “superwoman” by Karen White. Gospel legends such as Vanessa Bell Armstrong rang bells as we cleaned. Fred Hammond and Commissioned were a staple within my family. As I grew older, I began to gravitate toward vocal bibles such as Mariah Carey, Brandy, Boyz II Men, Beyoncé, India Arie, and many others; However, these are artists whose vocal abilities drive me nuts!

TCH: What are the challenges that you face making a name for yourself?

Ebony: Coming out of a shell that others have closed me into. Growing up a “church-girl”, it difficult to attain and maintain an identity of my own. When you grow up being told what to wear, what to sing, what you should want to be when you grow up- those things stifle a child. Sounds crazy, but in adulthood, I’m still attempting to find my voice. I’m trying to reintroduce myself as the Ebony I’ve always knew I was. The outside-the-box thinker. The passionate one. The expresser. The freak. Soft, yet vulgar. All that has been drowning inside, is surfacing- and evident in my works.

TCH:  Doing this music can be stressful at times what keeps you sane and keep going?

Ebony: Music…..That’s it. Kill me now if I can’t have it- listen to it- make it. My desire to share God’s gift with as many ears as possible is what motivates my press. Notice I don’t say share “with the world”, as it is a bit far-fetched to believe in, since I am a career woman and mom with less time than most. It’s just the ability to touch someone’s heart in an audience, make someone feel me- it means the world and keeps moving at making more music.

TCH: Everyone has their own style. Describe your style of music and your writing process?

Ebony: I hate to bubble myself by mentioning style and genre, because I’m literally all over the place. If I had to, I’d say on end of Neo-Soul. I love to keep music sounding as jazzy and authentic to the live instrument as I can, but with that R&B swang and harmonies I grew up loving.

My writing process? ~laughs~, remember the brainstorm bubbles they taught us in middle school, that served the purpose of taking an idea and branching a concept out into other smaller idea bubbles. Ummmm….that’s it! I listen to a composition. Feel it. However it makes me feel, I choose a word to bubble. I begin to flow off of it with other related words and rhymes and before I know it. I have a whole song.


TCH: How can people get in contact with you and what new projects you got coming out as well what’s the name of the project you have out now if any?

Ebony: I do currently book for live events. I’ve recently played a Delta Sigma Theta Jazz Brunch, which was such a good time, not to mention fulfilling to witness the organizations level of service. In the past, I’ve been invited to play the Mayor’s Inagural Ball, birthday parties, and weddings. I’d love to bring some sweet soul sangin’ to any event and rock the party- I can be reached at

You can find my latest video, show dates, and upcoming EP info on Facebook at Ebony-CT’s Gem and Instagram at EbonyGemMusic

My very first EP, Ars Poetica, is set for a July release. It is as versatile as I am, thus the title Ars Poetica, which has been interpreted as “art for the sake of art” by modern day poets. There is no concept that the project is based upon. It simply is. Comprised of soulful, jazzy pieces- mixed with a bit of hip-hop flow- with spoken word interludes, its release will be celebrated as my birthday gift. It’s been a long time coming.

Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate the platform and the love.

TCH: Well Ms Ebony, I appreciate you taking the time out to answer these questions. We here at Hip Hop Headquarters value dedicated artists like yourself. We wish you much success on your musical journey

Ebony: Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate the platform and the love.


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