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Lick My Wounds is both an intimate song and an arena song in one. A fragile pop song bursting out into a scream for help. In a way, Lick My Wounds comes with great unanswered questions in the aftermath of love and its unpredictable ways. Can you forgive and forget? Is there a chance of finding new meaning in life or repairing and growing the little streak of love that remains. It’s somewhat acry out in the infinite, but where only one recipient exists. Is there someone out there? Will the answer be sufficient and ok to move on?

Ghost Nation’s fusion of alternative rock, gritty pop electronica, and experimentation have helped them with a grand start with over a million streams worldwide. It’s all crafted by guitarist/vocalist Tomas Vasseur, Producer Micke Berg, a duo who by coincidence met and started making music together. Ghost Nation is based out of Stockholm, Sweden.

2017 was a success for Ghost Nation and the release of the debut single ”Turn Off The Lights”, and the follow up single “Your Final Kill”. Their releases has picked up over 1,5 million plays worldwide.

2018 started with the release of their third single Unforgiven.

Their debut release “Turn Off The Lights” spent 3 consecutive weeks at Billboard Spotify Viral 50 No 1. It reached No1 in +20 counties on Spotify Viral 50 lists, and No 1 at Spotify Global Viral 50.


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