Do You Think Ghostwriting is a Big Deal?

  Is Ghostwriting a Big deal?


When you hear the term ghostwriting you automatically think about the Drake and Meek millz situation.  Ever since Meek Mill exposed Drake back in 2015 for having his rhymes penned for him by Quentin Miller the world went in a frenzy. what if I told you that ghostwriting been around for ages since the beginning of music. back when Motown was on the scene heavy in the late 60’s and 70’s. Songwriters such as the Great Smokey Robinson, Berry Gordy, Brian Holland, etc.  writing for almost everyone at Motown

Music today is no different than it was in the 50’s and 60’s. Ghost-writing/song writing is at a all time high. With songwriters like The Dream , Kerri Hilson , Rico love , Ester Baxter , Party next door Missy, Eliot and  Yung Berg. These are some of the  people that are behind your favorite Artist whether it be Beyonce , usher, Jeremiah , Ciara , Justin Beiber Etc. All of these acts (performers) had writers writing their songs. Have you ever wonder why certain artist say things like they hated their 1st single, or that another artist passed on it because they didn’t like that’s because these songs are given to the artist to select from or forced to do by the label.

Can rappers have Ghost writers?

Ghostwriters are not only writing lyrics for your favorite artist. (well some are). For example of an example now and days Ghost writers provide reference tracks to the artist. A reference track is exactly what it is. A track that you refer to an artist so they could bring it to life. think ne-yo over there sings a rnb song and gives it to Beyoncé to sing. Beyoncé would take the song and sing it exactly how Ne-yo sung it. Maybe improvise here and there but she would sing it how it’s given to her. No different than the Drake and Quentin Miller situation.

If Rnb Artists can use ghostwriters and reference tracks and claim they the best. Shouldn’t that be the same for Rapper? it’s just music at the end of the day. Michael Jackson didn’t write none of his songs but it consider the king of pop… let that marinate for a second.  I don’t think fans really care about who writes the song. After all it’s the artist that delivers the song makes it what it is right?.





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