3 days in Dubai. That’s how long the artists Gino Manzotti & MAXX spent filming the music video for ”Arabian Story”. Released today, the club track boasts of oriental influences, with a fresh sound and an exotic music video.

The music and text for the track ”Arabian Story” wear the mark of Boier Bibescu & Gino Manzotti ( DJ Project), while the vocals are performed by a well-known artist in the USA. The music video, directed by Alex Ceausu, has all the ingredients for a blazing hot safari, with desert shots, palm trees and wild beaches.

Gino Manzotii & MAXX are the DJs that make up the DJ Project artistic project, a venture which has marked the Romanian musical industry along the years. After thousand of hours spent in the recording studio, 21 released tracks of which 6 peaked at #1 in national charts, 8 collaborations with 4 different female artists, long periods of time which consisted of tours and concerts in 8 different countries and millions of kilometers travelled, DJ Project has become a true symbol of Romanian dance music.


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