Glen Osmond Releases “Dream Future”

Glen Osmond is Melbourne-based 20 year old multi-instrumentalist Alex Olle. Through retrospect and a broken heart, his debut single Dream Future takes you on a dynamic adventure of hope.

A tale of lost love from a growing young man, Glen Osmond’s commitment to maximalist song production imbues Dream Future with an incandescent charm. An avid student of popular song and the diverse arrangements of the 1970’s, Glen Osmond seeks to maintain the explorative nature and uninhibited expression of that era through unconventional and expansive rock.

It was mid 2017 and the day aHer losing someone important, with only his closest mate by his side Glen Osmond picked up his mate’s guitar and sang from his heart, Dream Future was born. Through the years Glen Osmond has recorded many iterations of the tune until mid 2019 when the song was finally realised.

With keys, vocals, guitars and drums all written and recorded by Glen Osmond within his small bedroom studio, limitation breeds creativity with his distinct sound. Heavily inspired by the psychedelic sounds of Pink FloydThe Beatles and King CrimsonGlen Osmond has loved progressive music from a young age. He has always found solace in music, believing that music can paint pictures in your mind, and take you on a journey. Passionate about experimental music in an age of safe markets, expect ever-evolving sounds to come from the instrumentalist.

At the inception of Dream FutureGlen Osmond was torn and broken, giving himself wholly to the muse. Upon the fulfilment the song, the young songwriter is hopeful and trusts that this debut single, when given the 3me to be enjoyed, can carry out the daydreams of the listener.

For Fans Of: Tame Impala | Grizzly Bear | Radiohead

‘Dream Future’ is out now.


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