Global Plague TripleHQ Exclusive Interview | @Leo_is_Black @itSpideybih


Hip Hop Headquarters sits down with Spidey Jones “The Face” and Leo Sky who are Global Plague

How did you guys decide on your stage name, Global Plague?

Spidey Jones: I made the group up originally with another artist and it didn’t work out because of creative differences. Dude decided to let his parents live his life for him. Never wanted to scrap the group because it was my baby as well as it’s a great name for a group.. it’s the takeover, it’s a cleansing, it’s the rebirth of good music. Leo is a part of the group just as much as me, he’s always been on track with the vibes I was going for.

Leo Sky: All true.

What made each of you decide to become a rapper? 

Spidey Jones: I used to chop and screw music in high school and after a while of listening and analyzing songs more via slowing them down, I figured “hey, I bet I could make some pretty decent music seeing as I write poetry and Ludacris used to DJ before he spit. (Even though technically chopping and screwing songs isn’t really “deejaying”)

Leo Sky: The culture itself, I remember when I was eight and saw Wu-Tang on T.V. and I was like that’s what I want to do, I want to make music.

What’s the first rap song each of you ever heard? Describe the moment. 

Spidey Jones: ‘LL Cool J’a “I Need Love”, at least I think man.. that was so far back like… pshhhht..and I just remember being like “oh dang, guys can feel this way?”

Leo Sky: My first song is Old Dirty Bastard, “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” and I just remember how crazy the beat is. The RZA put Richard Pryor in a beat. I was five at the time so I couldn’t comprehend how crazy all of it was until I got older.

How did “No Hook” come together?

Spidey Jones: Leo was like “Yo, I got a beat you’ll like and I wanna make a song with you for it and the hook is ‘no hook yeah we so good’ etc etc”. I was just like “dope, send it my way bih” and boom goes the dynamite..

Leo Sky: I churned out the blueprints for “No Hook” and two other beats at like 2am and after a week went by and I called Spidey and was like “Yo Iisten to this beat…..Ya and this part should go like yeah we so good fish with no hook”.

What are your collaboration plans from here?

Spidey Jones: Build an empire with this guy and see where it goes honestly. The only thing stopping us is US.

Leo Sky: We are currently working on a Global Plague EP that will be ready by summer 2018. ‘No Hook” is track one and each track after goes harder then the last. We are also working on solo projects that we are each involved in that continues our previous bodies of work.