Gongkreeper – ‘Lay All Your Love’ | @gongkreeper |


Following on from the track ‘No Doubt’ which DiscoBelle called “absolutely stellar” Gongkreeper returns to the scene with a new single ‘Lay All Your Love’ which is an affectionate yet twisted cover of the Abba classic.

Featuring a eerie yet powerful performance from British vocalist Angie Holmes and a scorching guitar solo from award winning film composer Five Eyes. The cover is a continuation of Gongkreeper’s exploration of the nuances of his new homeland of Sweden while bringing a fresh and moody take on this beautifully crafted piece of pop.

His music transcends color lines and embraces creativity with an adventurous mix of funk, soul and rock grooves. Gongkreeper is the sound of the new generation.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge Abba fan. I first came for the craft (No one writes hooks like Abba). But I stayed for the melancholy. Lay All Your love is a song with such dark undercurrents and its something I tried to capture in my version.


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